An Introduction to The Dream Haus

The Dream Haus exists to inspire creativity, authenticity and happiness through applied mind/body practices. By gaining control of our attention, letting go of harsh judgment and destructive patterns, we are empowered to direct our own minds and bodies toward what really matters. We can then live full lives, pouring ourselves into our purpose and impacting the world around us in beautiful ways.


Perhaps the best way to introduce The Dream Haus, is to introduce myself. I’m Phoebe, the lead teacher and founder of The Dream Haus meditation and yoga studio.

The Dream Haus was born out of necessity in many ways, but also out of a desire to bring together the practices I am devoted to under one roof. I have been teaching yoga and meditation professionally for around 10 years now, and practicing for much longer. At university in my home town Melbourne I studied a BA in Fine Art – Sound, I make electronic music amongst other things and am fascinated with the ways in which technology is shaping our consciousness and behaviour. In short I am dedicated to creating, research, meditating and moving.


The Dream Haus is a small studio set within an industrial conversion on the edge of Görlitzerpark. Having my own private studio, has enabled me to focus on teaching what I love, to people I believe in, in the way that I want to. My students have ranged from composers, musicians, instrument designers, programmers, graphic designers, teachers, doctors, artists and more. Since offering my Meditation for Creatives course for the first time in Berlin 1 year ago, I have met some incredible and inspiring people, testament to the value of creating this small haven for Berliners to seek peace in.

One of the benefits of having a private space, is that I get to know all the people who walk through the door personally. It’s such a great joy to meet so many folk from different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds. My vision for The Dream Haus is to create a space for creativity and contemplation, where the deep work of cultivating insight, attention and mining for purpose can be done. Seldom do we find space these days to take time to dig deep within, and it is deep within that the ‘Big fish’ of creative potential is flowing. I hope to hold a space for compassion to be cultivated, where each person is valued and welcome to explore what it truly means to be themselves in that moment.

Hope to see you here soon..

The Dream Haus Studio